Coolest New Concept Bikes | Bike to The Future!

As an avid bike lover It’s always exciting to see what the designers and manufacturers are cooking up in the Lab.  It seems that finally we are starting to see some truly innovative creations.  I mean some bikes that truly have caused a paradigm shift to the point where we have to rethink the very definition of the word Bike.

A Few of the featured favorites include:

1.CYKEL Electric and Pedal Bike by Brian Mcallister :

2. 24/7 City Pedelec by Philipp Guenther:

3.City Bike by Ionut Predescu:

4.IziBi Folding Bike by Renato Gschwend:

5.Green Shadow Bike by Mr. Onuff:

6.Grasshopper Bicycle :

7.Taurus Seat-less Bike by Julia Meyer:

8.ORYX Time Trail Bike by Harald Cramer:

9.One Folding Bicycle by Thomas Owen:

10.Locust Folding Bike by Josef Cadek: